KCWC after Corona lockdown

The current situation with respect to Corona in India is very difficult to rate. The Indian government has categorized all districts according to their criticality. The measures are also based on this classification.
Our district of Sonbhadra is currently not at very high risk, but the effects after the lockdown are very large. The restrictions for schools and social institutions are still high. How does it look like with our work at the Keshwa Child Welfare Center in Robertsganj, Sonbhadra
We have now received the statement from Sonbhadra’s Government that our new school project can start on August 20th. The Skill Development Program should also start on July 15, 2020 (the “World Youths Skill Day”). We assume that we will be able to restart all programs as far as possible by October this year. But that depends on how the situation develops.
Millions of migrant workers are returning to the villages. It remains to be seen to what extent this increases the risk of infection. We keep our fingers crossed that the infection and death rates in India are limited. In the meantime, several food packages have been distributed to a number of poor families to alleviate the greatest need. Peasent farmers in rural areas in particular suffer greatly from the restrictions, as the supply chains are completely interrupted.
Using the example of the 14-year-old! Anchal, we want to present you, how we continue to work with disabled people. Her personal development has a significant delay. She is speech-impaired and is provided with special medicine by us. Further therapeutic care can only take place again when our Keshwa Child Welfare Center is allowed to re-start operations, as this is currently prohibited by the authorities. Nevertheless, the first successes of the treatment can be seen.

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