Medical Aid Nigeria

7. March 2024

Since the project was founded in 2021, individual emergency medical aid has been provided for people in poverty and need.

In 2023, thanks to generous donations, we were able to help a total of 38 patients. For some people it was minor procedures or tests (such as malaria and typhoid tests). For other patients, however, it was associated with a surgery and a stay of several weeks in the hospital. One of the following four examples shows that help does not always lead to success.


Emmanuel, 23 years old, is a “sickle cell patient”. This is a chronic disease of the red blood cells that impacts those affected throughout their lives.
Emmanuel had open wounds on his arms and legs and underwent two surgeries in each of these areas. He was able to leave the hospital after about two weeks. He is still undergoing medical treatment, which is very expensive.

Due to the poor water supply in Afikpo, 2-year-old Orieoma has a skin disease that could not be controlled with simple medication.
At St. Michael’s Hospital in Abakaliki, she had to receive infusions and a cream specially formulated for her twice a week for four weeks.
After the therapy she is doing well again. The illness has not yet returned.


Paul is 40 years old, homeless and has been living on the streets for 6 years. In 2018, he was working as a minibus driver, the bus caught fire and he sustained wounds on his legs. Due to his living conditions it is not possible for him to treat his wounds and scars.
This causes the scars to open again and again. Wound care often has to be carried out, which is very expensive. It would make sense to operate on him, his current condition does not allow it.

Solomon, 45, was a family man and a mechanic by profession. He introduced himself to us as a “sickle cell patient”.
Solomon was treated at St. Michael’s Hospital, Abakaliki by Dr. Nwokoro. He underwent surgery twice. Malignant tissue was removed.
Three days after the operation, he left against the doctor’s wishes with the words: “He would have had such a good time in his life.” Unfortunately, Solomon passed away a few weeks later.


We could describe many more cases – some of them serious – and also show pictures that are difficult to digest. Be it large tumors, open fractures after accidents, severe burns.

Helping the people affected is a big challenge because visiting a doctor or hospital is not always desirable or there has been a lack of money. “Constant dripping wears away the stone” and every help is a part of the quality of life of those needy people.

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