Project sponsors

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our donors and project sponsors. In addition to the large number of private individuals, we would like to give artists, small companies and other project sponsors a forum.

Donations from private individuals are of course just as important to us. The private donors have their say here.

Wallace-Bar / Vega-Bar

The managers of the Vega-Bar at Georgenstraße 56 and the Wallace-Bar at Occamstraße 2 in Munich support the HUMAN-Stiftung by donating the proceeds from charity events in the Vega Bar.

Visit the Wallace Bar or the Vega Bar !! Sensational cocktails, great wines, Tergernsee and Hopf beers on tap and a tarte flambé are waiting for you.



The “JFK-Band” has been playing charity concerts since 2015, making a valuable contribution. The band consists of Jasna Schmuck, Katharina Kubsch and Franziska Zawila.

The band members are currently performing in different groups:

Jasna Schmuck with their own compositions

Franzi and Kathi with their Band Monaco Fränzi 

The band “Monaco Fränzy” was founded to compose the film music for the typical Munich movie Schmucklos and to tour as a promotion for the movie. Franzi has a role in the movie and her husband Thomas Schwendemann is the producer.


Purely better water

It took Erich Meidert many years to develop water filter systems that are really “almost perfect” for his understanding of pure water and that he was satisfied with them.

The company is based in Haar, Salmdorf district, Johann-Karg-Straße 44. Clean drinking water is a very valuable resource that many people on earth cannot take for granted. We welcome the work on the optimization of drinking water quality all the more.

The HUMAN Foundation thanks Mr. Meidert for the support and his overall great social commitment.


Midwife Center A. Schuett

In the practice in the Theatinerstrasse and obstetrically in the Geisenhofer clinic as a midwife, Andrea cares for women during pregnancy, childbirth and in the puerperium.

The promotion and support of children in poor regions is particularly important to her.

We would like to thank Andrea Schütt for her great support of our projects.



When it comes to the redesign and renovation of your house or apartment, you have come to the right place at ALLESLEXA GbR (Kirchheim-Heimstetten, Poinger Straße 2).

With a lot of sensitivity, the individual wishes are taken up and customized solutions implemented.

The HUMAN Foundation thanks the family business Lexa for its social commitment. We really appreciate the support.


Sternstunden e.V.

Sternstunden e.V. financially supported us as a project sponsor in the construction of the Keshwa Child Welfare Center in India. With a contribution of €20,000, we were able to build a part of the second floor in which the training rooms for skill development are located. Young people are trained here in the Skill areas of Beauty and Tailoring. There is both theoretical instruction and practical training.

We would like to thank Sternstunden e.V. for this important contribution.


BILD hilft e. V

BILD hilft e. V. „Ein Herz für Kinder“ financially supported us as a project sponsor when buying a vehicle for our project in India.

We need this van to transport children, both for school and for our children’s emergency aid program (ChildLine Services).

We would like to thank “Ein Herz für Kinder” for this important contribution.


Architecture Office Ursula Schmid bab

Living and a safe roof over your head is a basic need of all people on our planet, completely independent of any culture, religion and climate zone.

Our planet has provided us with resources and means to do this since the beginning of mankind. To date, we have developed a wide variety of ways and technologies to create living spaces with these resources. Fascinating and often breathtaking buildings have been built and will continue to be built in the future.


Frank Rauch - Training

Frank Rauch supports the HUMAN Foundation both financially and materially. Many thanks to Mr. Rauch for this.

Frank Rauch offers training courses to become an NLP practitioner and personal coaching for the following areas

  • Personal development
  • Presentation in front of groups
  • Projectmanagement and Projectteams

Plottergeist makes ads visible

The Plottergeist company in Kirchheim near Munich supports the HUMAN Foundation in the creation of advertising material. Many thanks to Mr. Wieczorek.

The Plottergeist company is active in the areas of digital printing, lettering, neon signs, mobile display systems, trade fair and assembly services and graphic design.


Katja Hainz: Ringana Partner

She is an enthusiastic cooperation partner and team leader of the Austrian company Ringana, which has been producing fresh, vegan and sustainable natural products for over 20 years. The products of the unique fresh cosmetics are made from nature without preservatives, but with vital substances in raw food quality. Motto : Let’s make the world more grandchild-friendly together.
We thank Katja Hainz very much for the support of the Human Foundation.

Chakren In Balance

In chakra painting, you design your own image for each chakra. In this process you come into contact with the true expression of your inner beauty and the strength of your soul. Painting the chakras creates a tangible connection to one’s own roots. The pictures are created by you as unique art and energy works.

Djurdjica Ringholz is closely connected to our projects, for which we thank her very much.



Naturheilpraxis Edith Neumann

The naturopathic practice Edith Neumann specifically supports our work with disabled children by promoting therapies for individual patients.

This ensures both medical and therapeutic treatments that help children find a way out of social isolation.


Rigging Factory Munich

Security for our customers is created by combining communication, planning, Monday and support from a single source. Therefore, many of our customers commission us to handle the rigging of their events completely. RFM is based in Munich.

We would like to thank the managing directors Tobias Tomala and Markus Zeindl for their great support of our projects in India and Nepal.