Training for (young) women has started


Shortly before the Corona outbreak in early 2020, everything was prepared in our Kesha Child Welfare Center in Robertsganj, Sonbhadra for the start of the Keshwa Gurukul School and two qualification programs. We had received the licenses for these projects from the Indian government. Government funds should be granted for the programs.

The pandemic stopped everything; the programs were not allowed to start. In spring 2022 we received approval to start the school project. We kicked-off with five school children and have grown a lot since then. More than 80 children are currently attending Keshwa Gurukul School. Unfortunately, there are no government funds at the moment. Further details on the school project will follow in the next report.

Despite the challenges, we decided in February 2023 that we also want to start Skill training for (young) women in tailoring and fashion from April on. We have a first-class infrastructure with very good sewing machines and a training room for theory classes. We are very proud and happy to offer this opportunity to needy people in Sonbhadra.

In March, Ms.Indu Singh was hired as a trainer and Ms. Geeta Kumari as an assistant. Currently 25 women are registered, 15 of whom are girls who have completed school and 10 women are married. Each training period lasts three months with four-hour lessons per day. After that, new women come to the training.

In early 2023, we started mobilization meetings with girls and women from the surrounding villages for admission to these free of charge training sessions. At the end of the training there is a practical as well as a theoretical exam. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certificate from the Indian government.

Most women want to work from home and start a small business after they finish their trainings. We advise them so that they can make the most of this training to earn money. This also helps the children in the families, giving them the opportunity to go to school. There is often a lack of money in families, and children have to work instead of studying.

Since there is currently no governmental funding for the Skill program, we have to finance it completely ourselves. A problem that needs to be solved in the future is that some women want to come to training in the evening and not during the day, but our center closes at 7pm. But we will also find a solution for this over time.

Thank you very much for your support to make all this possible.

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