Renovation of U-Block (construction progress October 2021)

24. October 2021

In July we started renovating the 4300 sqft. “U-Block”. It will be the largest single construction project in the entire ten-building school complex. We expect total costs of approx. USD 42,000 for building renovation, roof, doors and windows, plastering, painting and tiling the floors.

What has happened so far?

The masonry work required for the basic renovation of the building has now been almost completely done, such as

  • the dismantling of the broken roofs
  • a partial excavation and creation of a new foundation
  • the dismantling of the walls with strong cracks, exterior and interior walls partially rebuild or renovate
  • the creation and pouring of the columns with steel containers
  • creation of the connections of the pillars with a concreted ledge as part of the foundation
  • concreting of the roof parapet

What about the costs?

We will have additional costs of around USD 3,200 for various reasons for the masonry work (the plan was just under USD 12,000):

  • During the construction phase, we decided that we would be concreting a parapet on the walls above as a better support for the roof.
  • We have additional costs for reinforcing bars for two reasons: Increased prices (global price increase in the steel sector) and our decision to build more stable pillars. At the beginning of the construction work we could see on another building after a storm (in which parts of a roof were destroyed) how important these two measures are (parapet and stronger pillars for support).
  • We will have higher expenses in terms of labor costs because, for the reasons mentioned above, additional work was necessary


What’s coming up soon?

The new roof is then erected on the relevant parts of the building; windows and doors are produced in parallel. The walls are then plastered. If all goes well, the work should be completed in the 1st quarter of 2022.

If you are interested, you can watch this 10-minute film about the development of the project and the construction activities to date. Have fun and thank you very much for your support.

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