Big challenge during Covid-19 pandemic

On March 1st, 2021 we were so happy that we could start inclusion school classes in our Keshwa Child Welfare Center in Sonbhadra. Despite government restrictions due to Covid-19, 25 children attended daily lessons.

At the beginning of April, we had to close our Keshwa Child Welfare Center again, as the second corona wave had broken out in India from then on. According to the media, dramatic scenes have taken place in certain regions of India. In Uttar Pradesh, too, there were sometimes high infection rates, illnesses, and deaths.

We were therefore only partially able to look after some families as an emergency program. As of the beginning of June all regular programs are still not allowed to be carried out. The environment in our Keshwa Child Welfare Center is thankfully not that severely affected by Covid-19, as we are active in a rural area. However, the effects for the locals are quite large. Wherever possible, we have supported affected families.

However, we can use this difficult phase to carry out minor maintenance work on our center, such as plastering the outer wall and fencing our new property.

What is next now?

It is not possible to give an exact forecast as to when the government will ease the restrictions again. But we very much hope that there will be a new opportunity to restart our programs in July, especially the inclusion school and the skill development program. Our child emergency program will probably not be able to start before September / October, as various agreements with the authorities are still necessary and travel restrictions within India for onsite visits to be expected for some time.

Let us keep our fingers crossed that the pandemic in India will ease off as quickly as possible. We are wholeheartedly with all people who are affected by the pandemic and of course we are happy, when our project work again fully benefits the people in need. As we are not working in the medical field, we currently have limited options, but do not lose confidence. We continue to pay our permanent staff their wages so that their families do not have to suffer from the pandemic. However, this also means that our expenses will only decrease slightly, since wages and infrastructure costs are almost the same.


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