Nepal after lockdown

The winter schools in Saldang and Nyisal were largely completed before lockwodn in Nepal started. From the middle of April, however, all schools in the mountain villages were closed. They are used as quarantine stations for returnees from Kathmandu. The lockdown measures in Nepal are carried out very strictly.
The situation in Nepal is dramatic. After 74 days of lockdown, over 1,200 people had already committed suicide by the end of May. That is more than twice as much as in the whole of 2019. People have mental health problems, have lost their jobs and can no longer repay their debts. The loss of tourism this year will have extreme consequences. There are still over 500,000 Nepalese workers in Qatar, Dubai and other countries that are now to be retrieved. Unlike in Germany, in the Himalayan regions there is no state aid, unemployment benefit or any financial aid for the people concerned.
Our friends in Upper Dolpo urgently need to move their animals to the lower pastureland, but they are not allowed to, because they have to be tested on Covid-19 first. We continued to give financial support to provide food to the most affected families. It is also uncertain in Nepal how the situation will develop. After the earthquake in 2015 there is another dramatic year for all guides, cooks, helpers, porters, horse drivers, lodge owners, hotel employees, drivers and travel companies and many other people.
We wish the people in Nepal the easing of the situation as quickly as possible and very much hope that we can start school again in November.

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