Overall Program Keshwa Child Welfare Center

In November 2019, the overall concept of the Keshwa Child Welfare Center was expanded again. There will also be a special school for children from poor families, from kindergarten to 5th grade. A particular focus is on English, personal development, musical elements and computer training (learning to use digital media). The government from the Sonbhadra district came directly to us with the desire to offer this element. We have also expanded our program for disabled people. Here you can study the overall concept in detail.

The Keshwa Child Welfare Center has now a Program Director / Center Manager 
We are very happy to announce the start of work for our new program director and future Keshwa Child Welfare Center Manager Mr. Hariom Tiwari. We warmly welcome him to his very important role and wish him all the best for the future. He can be seen in the middle of the photo with the senior director of the Sonbhadra district, Mr. Rituraj Singh (on the right in the photo). He is responsible for working with mentally handicapped children. Mr. Singh is very enthusiastic about the new center and has granted us the license to work with disabled people within 14 days. Hariom Tiwari reports to the management of CIS and the HUMAN foundation. blank
The first day in the new center.
On the first day in the new center, all children who had previously been in our childcare program came to a visit. Unfortunately we will lose many of these children because the distance to the previous building is too far and the children have no bicycles or are simply too young. It’s a shame, but unfortunately we have to accept this disadvantage at this point in time.

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