Construction KCWC-2

The construction of our Keshwa Child Welfare Center is making great progress. After the construction of the 1st and 2nd floors, it was decided that we would also build four additional rooms on the 3rd floor and thus expand the half floor.

On top of the 3rd floor we will place the water tanks. So it will be a very large building with 1,100 square meters to be able to implement all of our ideas. During a visit in April 2019, we were able to convince ourselves of the construction progress and the high quality of the building. However, we decided to cut back on the tiles and other interior measures, because the costs will be higher than originally agreed. It was a happy coincidence, however, that we built larger than originally planned, as the government of Sonbhadra asked whether we could offer a small school as well.

The start of operations is planned for September 2019.



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