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With the English version we will publish only the most important News, since some information are only relevant for local German supporters, like local events. In 2020/2021 we are going to implement a new bi-lingual Website in German and English.

Corona-Virus: Situation in India and Nepal (Status 15. April 2020)

The lockdown in India is extended until May 4th. Although there are officially not many infected people in India, the situation is critical. Many migrant workers are stuck in Mumbai, many people on the streets have no income. Our partner organization distributes food packages to particularly needy people to keep them from starving.

In Nepal, hundreds of thousands of people left Kathmandu to their mountain villages. There is also an extended lockdown in Nepal until the beginning of May. Our partner DTCF also helps very needy people with food packages in Kathmandu with our support. All schools in the mountain villages are now closed by order of the government. As a result, no classes are currently taking place in the schools in Saldang and Nyisal. The schools are used as quarantine accommodation, sometimes in tents on the school grounds for those returning from Kathmandu.

Corona-Virus: Situation in India and Nepal (Status March 31, 2020)

On March 25, Prime Minister Modi announced a 21 day nationwide lockdown. This means, that our Keshwa Child Welfare Center is closed and all activities are on hold. The start of our school, as well as vocational training activities, work with disabled people and poor people in the rural area are reduced to a minimum level as people are not allowed to leave their homes. Our staff and children are in good health so far.

Our winter school sessions 2019/2020 in Nepal (Saldang and Nyisal) will come to an end in April and summer school will start after some holidays. We devoutly hope that our mountaineous people will not be affected by the virus as their is absolutely no medical support possible. Currently five Corona cases are known in Nepal.

HUMAN Foundation on GlobalGiving

Although the GlobalGiving platform is intended for non-German donors from abroad - and here primarily for donors from US and UK because of tax advantages - we would like to inform you that we are very successful with our projects and campaigns. For this, GlobalGiving has provided us with the following "badges" in recognition of our successful campaigns.

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New strategy in Keshwa Child Welfare Center (India) will be started gradually

See the revised program strategy of the Keshwa Child Welfare Center at a glance. You can get access to the detailed strategy under 'India Project' or under 'Download'. No other organization in Uttar Pradesh can offer this variety of programs. In the course of the first half of 2020 all programs will be active, some programs (Disability Program, Outreach/Social Center, vocational training) will start already now. The Permanent Education Program will start on April 1, 2020, the ChildLine Services probably in January 2020.

Important meetings with senior representatives of the Indian Government

In Delhi there were meetings with people who are very important for our project. In each case with our project partner and head of the Creation India Society Satya Prakash Tiwari. The pictures from left to right show the following meetings:

Left: Meeting with India's Minister of Labor Mr. Santosh Kumar Gangwar
Center: Meeting with Mr. Manish Kumar, CEO of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). This company is directly subordinate to the Ministry of Skill Development and organizes all training programs in India.
Right: Meeting with Dr.Pandiri, Executive Director of ChildLine India. This organization is directly subordinate to the Ministry of Child and Women Development. ChildLine India organizes the children's aid programs throughout India.

We receive licenses from NSDC and ChildLine India and the financial resources to run the programs.

Keshwa Child Welfare Center starts gradually with the programs

During the Keshwa Child Welfare Center's visit in November, the scope of our programs was expanded once again. We will offer a special education program for children from poor families, from nursery to 5th grade. We put emphasis on English language, personality development, musical elements and computer training (learning to use digital media). The government from the district of Sonbhadra has approached us directly with the desire to offer this element. In addition, we have extended our program for disabled people. Details on the new concept will follow shortly. There will also be a video available by mid-December.

Board gives green light to support second Winter School in Nyisal in Upper Dolpo (Nepal)

After financing the construction of the new Center in India, the board has decided to fund another winter school in Upper Dolpo. The village of Nyisal is still another day trip north of Saldang and thus directly near the Tibetan border. The Nepalese government has provided some support for the Shree-Yanier Gumba School, but stopped it and we will finance the Winter School 2019/2020 for the first time. Read a short report of the new project here.

Construction completed in India


The construction activities in Robertsganj at the new Keshwa Child Welfare Center are complete except for a few activities. The building has become beautiful. Most rooms are already equipped with furniture and educational equipment. Operations are now starting gradually. A detailed report will be made after the on-site project visit in mid / end of November. We are all very happy about this successful conclusion and extraordinary milestone for our foundation work.


  • Our new Keshwa Child Welfare Center
  • Center Manager - room
  • Working Room
  • Beauty classroom
  • Computer-Lab
  • KCWC at night (2)
  • Meeting hall - multi purpose room
  • Officer in charge - room
  • Our construction supervisors
  • Paving KCWC entry side
  • Reception - Entry Hall
  • Some workers
  • Tailoring classroom (1)
  • Tailoring classroom (2)
  • Training room

Welcome to the new Keshwa Child Welfare Center (KCWC) Program Director

We are very happy to announce the start of work of our new Program Director and Keshwa Child Welfare Center Manager Hariom Tiwari. We warmly welcome him in thisvery important function in our new Center and wish him all the best for the future. You can see him on the photo below in the middle together with the District Officer Sonbhadra for Mentally Retarded Children (right). Mr. Tiwari reports to the CIS and HUMAN Management.



Coming soon: The Keshwa Child Welfare Center (KCWC) will open its doors

It is just a huge building and it takes time until all construction work is done. But the wait will be worthwhile. The monsoon season has already begun, and as a result smaller and smaller delays occur. But everything will be ready at the latest in September.

We hired a Center Manager (Program Director) now, who will start in September as well. With the programs of the Emergency Helpline for children (Child Line), the vocational training as well as the move of our child care program from the rented rooms the new KCWC will start. At the same time, the study of the need for the care of mentally retarded children is already underway.

Here you will find the current description of the Keshwa Child Welfare Center programs for download.

Here are some impressions of the current construction site, with the situation changing daily.

Award for Ms. Mala Tiwari

Ms. Mala Tiwari (picture right), the secretary of our project partner Creation India Society (right in the picture) received an award for her social work as part of  her child care services. She was honored in Varanasi by the president of the "Save Girl Forum" Dr. Rachana Agrawal. We are very pleased that she received this award.

Video and travel report for winter school Saldang available

The visit of the winter school in Saldang is certainly the highlight of this year's activities. Both the 21-day journey on foot and with a tent through the wild and lonely Upper Dolpo, as well as the time spent with the children, teachers and residents in Saldang made this trekking tour again a unique experience. You can read here the travel report as well as detailed information about the winter school. Please watch the 45-minute video to get an impression of the country and its people, but above all of our project. For a very short look, please click on the 3-minute version of the trip and school.

Report of Winter School Period 2017/2018

Please read the Report of the winter school period 2017/2018 here. Due to the lack of technical possibilities (internet, telephone), the report always comes 6-8 months after the end of the school period. It is pleasing that last winter 67 children took part in school lessons. A significant increase compared to the previous year.

Construction of our new Children's Home in Robertsganj, India

After the preparative work on our land was completed including a boundary wall, we started construction of the building end of May. At first we needed to drill for water. Only in a depth of more than 400ft we found enough ground water for permanent water supply, even during the dry period. We are planning to move from our rented space to our own building in January/February 2019. We will report about our progress again soon. Please find here some impressions of the construction area. At the beginning of October we will be onsite again.  

Great success of our 1. Charity Golf Tournament "HUMAN-Stiftungs Cup"

The "1. HUMAN Stiftungs-Cup" Charity Golf Tournament took place on July 1st, 2018 at the beautiful golf course of the golf club "Schloss Elkofen". 60 participants under the patronage of the ski-jump Olympic and World Champion Dieter Thoma were excited about the tournament and our social events in the afternoon, a barbecue with free beer, cocktails, a raffle with nice prizes and an auction. The mood was phantastic due to the band "SUPERNOVA". Net profit was finally around € 5,200 which will be used for our projects in India and Nepal.

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