Humanitäre Unterstützung für Menschen in Armut und Not

Winter Schools in the Remote Mountains of Nepal:
Schools in the villages Saldang and Nyisal in 'Upper Dolpo'


Without any NGO support, schools would not exist in the remotest populated mountainous regions in the world, in Nepal. This project ensures daily education in two schools in Upper Dolpo villages for about 100 children during the winter period. Children will be trained in general knowledge, normal Nepali curriculum and understanding of Tibetan culture. They get a choice how and where they want to live their life. We want to give children a future.


All villages are almost cut from the society, in particular in winter times. It takes 15 hiking days to and from the next trafficable road. Electricity and phone connections do not exist, and medical care is very poor. To get there, one needs to cross several 5,000-meter passes.  People can only survive with farming and children often need to help them during summer while missing their school lessons. The only way to provide education is running local schools including winter lessons.

How will this project solve the problem?

Investment in education in Nepal provides a huge benefit for each individual and the community. The young adults are able to organize living conditions and manage farming more effectively. They get a better relation to money and live a conscious life. There is evidence that young women get more self-confident and dare to ask for help, e.g. at birth. We fund annual training sessions for teachers to improve their skills. Some children from neighbour villages can stay in the school during winter. 

Long-term impact

More and more children are finishing basic school and continue their education in Kathmandu. Some stay in the city, some go back home as farmers, teachers, medical assistants or in any other function. This is the only hope for these villages to survive long-term, because the students generate new ideas in agriculture, family planning and communal life. It is really worth to support these former Tibetan people preserving their unique, peaceful and non-violent culture whilst advancing their lives. 

Dolpo Tulku Rinpoche and his organization Dolpo Tulku Charitable Foundation are our administrative partners in Nepal. In May 2018, we were able to convince ourselves of the success of our approach.

Reports from Winter school sessions

Here you can read and download the more detailled descriptions and reports of our Winter School Projects:

Details School in Saldang

Details School in Nyisal

Please note that reports of the period can only be shown with a delay of at least 6 months, because of missing phone connections and Internet. We have to wait for teachers coming down to Kathmandu. The report of the Winter School period 2018/2019 will be published in November / December 2019.

Preliminary report 2018/2019

Report 2017/2018

With clicks on the following Links you can watch videos from a visit of the school in Saldang from 2018. 

Winterschool Saldang: Video of the trip and visit of our school project from April/May 2018 (45 minutes)
School Saldang: Video of the trip and visit of our school project from April/May 2018 (3 minutes)

Short Video from Rinpoche Dolpo Tulku and his appreciation of our work from the year 2017.