Humanitäre Unterstützung für Menschen in Armut und Not

CHILDREN'S CENTER in a poverty area in India: 
Socially disadvantaged children in Robertsganj, District Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh.


We offer children and young people in one of the poorest areas in India different programs: Child Emergency Program, Child Care Services, special care of Mentally Retarded Children and Vocational Training Programs. For the socially disadvantaged and poor adults, we offer a Social Center and also a Women's Empowerment Program. In this project, too, we want to GIVE CHILDREN A FUTURE. We are also committed to gender equality and environmental protection. Overall, normally at the same time we have 10 children in the Emergency Program, 75 children in child care (including 25 disabled children) and more than 100 young people in the training programs in the Keshwa Child Welfare Center (KCWC). The KCWC has more than 1,000 square meters of floor space.

Our project partner in India is the Creation India Society (CIS) under the direction of Dr. Satya Prakash Tiwari and his wife Mala Tiwari. The CIS is a recognized, registered non-profit organization in India and is headquartered in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

The challenges

Robertsganj is the capital of the district of Sonbhadra with 2.6 million inhabitants: 35% of them live below the poverty line, which means around 40$ per person per month. 500,000 people suffer from inadequate basic infrastructure such as water, electricity and medical care. Access to decent health care is also a problem. Today, many children have very few rights, lack of access to healthy food, adequate clothing and education and personal development. They are cut off from society, have to beg, work, sell drugs and fall into the wrong hands. Children often live in distress and have to master very difficult situations on their own.

How can this project help resolving the problem?

We have developed an outstanding motivation and a long-term strategy with seven elements to master the great challenges. The content details can be found in the KCWC strategy paper (see below).

The long-term impact of the project

 In 2015, we started with Childcare Services. At the end of 2017, we decided to build an own Center and to significantly expand the number of programs. In September 2019, the opening of the new KCWC took place. Our goal is to be a trusted contact point for up to 500 children and adolescents each year and as many adults as possible in Robertsganj respectively Sonbhadra district. In addition, we are an accredited care and training center. We will thus make it possible for many children and adolescents to have a livable future in the long term, with them having a job and and respectful family relations.

Our motto is: LEARN - EARN - SMILE.

Please read here the complete strategy of the Keshwa Child Welfare Center (KCWC).

Here you can collect some impressions of our project and the new building.

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Finally two interesting articles: 

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