Humanitäre Unterstützung für Menschen in Armut und Not

Why HUMAN Foundation?


HUMANitarian support for poor and distressed people is the name of our foundation, incorporated at the end of December 2014.
People in all countries around the world live in poverty and their needs have varying characteristics which have different consequences. People, living in war zones who are tortured and persecuted, starving, traumatized for different reasons, affected by natural disaster etc..


Many people are willing to help and plenty of foundations, associations and organizations exist aiming for similar targets as we do.

Why a new foundation? We could have donated our money to an existing organization. The HUMAN-Foundation is an operational foundation. We want to be close to the people. We want to make conscious decisions which projects we are willing to support and as a consequence try to relieve the distress. We concentrate on only a few projects at any one time. All contributors are personally involved and all donators will be informed “at first hand”. We wanted to establish an “approachable” foundation. Although we did not explicitly mention it in our foundation’s goals, the support of children will have priority.

Please visit our content and get an idea of who we are and what we do. We have already gained experienced in contributing to projects in the past, before we launched our foundation. We are delighted to receive each single donation and, of course, any participation.

The HUMAN Foundation is a legally recognized, charitable and non-profit foundation and is administered by the “Deutsche Stiftungsagentur GmbH” in Neuss, Germany.