Award for Ms. Mala Tiwari

23. November 2018

Die operative Leiterin (Secretary) unseres Projektpartners Creation India Society (CIS), Ms. Mala Tiwari (rechts im Bild) hat am 23. November 2018 einen Award für Ihre soziale Tätigkeit im Rahmen ihrer Child Care Services erhalten. Der Preis und die Anerkennung wurden ihr in Varanasi von der Präsidentin des „Save Girl Forums“ Frau Dr. Rachana Agrawal überreicht. Wir freuen uns sehr, dass Mala Tiwari diese Auszeichnung erhalten hat und wünschen Ihr viel Erfolg und Freude bei Ihrer zukünftigen Arbeit in allen Projekten der Creation India Society.

Lesen Sie hier auch einen Beitrag von Mala Tiwari zu dem Thema „Outreach Children“ aus dem Jahr 2017, einige Monate bevor wir entschieden haben ein eigenes Zentrum zu bauen.


Dear Friends, it is a real story that in the whole world Outreach children are very far away from basic rights and facilities as like nutrition food, neat & clean clothes, education, awareness and personality development. When an Outreach child comes on earth that time he/she does not know how they will survive here. A real picture of Outreach child is that he/she are the cut of the society. Family is illiterate, suffering from health disease and they are living below poverty line. Population is uncontrolled, living standard is below normal, personality is undeveloped, bad habits are capturing them like leech and it takes each and single drop the blood. When Outreach child comes into the society, they find horrifying picture of the society. They are fighting with each other for a single piece of bread, they are fighting who will firstly find that piece of bread. The shopkeeper has thrown the junk piece of bread to the garbage. In the whole world, 400 million children are different types of the Outreach children. They are asking from the community for their survival and “golden future”. Community is not bothered for the welfare of these children because in daily routine they are thinking about their own life & family. Many Outreach people are giving emergency calls for survival. It is a forest of darkness where children are searching some rays of light and hope, and they do not know when it will come.

Outreach children are engaged in sex workers society, beggaring, selling drugs, collecting packets of cigarettes, bottles, polythene, pieces of paper. Some are making mourning plate, cigarettes, and other stuff. Some are involved in child labor like homes, shops, hotels, offices, construction sites, private servants, and some are involved in cobbling, selling cigarettes, pan, tobacco on the railway platforms and train compartment. Some are doing gambling, and some sell black tickets of movies at the cinema hall. In this way they fetched to the wrong hands who are Mafiosi of the Outreach Children.

Outreach child is living under pressure and distress and difficulties with the struggle. 70% of the parents are labor class, and they are badly diseased what they are passing on to their children. In a home, in a room, 10-12 persons are sleeping with adults than you can think what will be the scene and condition? Do we have any answer to these questions? Where hunger is knocking on their door there is only one solution and that is food. Only speeches and a theoretical system are not the solution. But in India, all leaders, landlords and aristocrats giving solution only by the speech and promises.

Some Outreach children bring customers to the sex workers and in return they are getting little-bit money for this work. It is the terrible and horrifying picture of an Outreach child. An eight years old girl are pushed to the sex workers system with the assurance of her or non-assurance with the family or without the family. Some Outreach children are being exploited inside their homes and families. Different kinds of exploitation of Outreach children are uncontrolled.

Dear friends, it will take a long time to reform and remove this black stain from our society. It will come out with your support and cooperation. KESHWA CHILD WELFARE CENTER is going ahead for these purposes. We have limited resources. We want to do a lot of things in good favor and welfare of the needy children, but desire is not enough. There will be a lot of resources.

In future, we would like to establish an “Outreach Children Residential Home and School” for needy children with international facilities with love and care. We do not know when the golden time will come, but we pray to God that it will come soon.

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