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Support of Winterschool in Saldang, Upper Dolpo


Saldang is a little village at 3700m altitude in the Dolpo area close to the Tibetan border. The public school is closed in winter. Our project aims at offering lectures to 60-80 students during the winter months. We thereby greatly improve the overall success of education which oftentimes suffers also in summer due to the household and agricultural duties of the students during the summer months. In addition to the official Nepalese curriculum our school teaches basic knowledge in Himalayan culture, Tibetan language, Buddhism, traditional arts and crafts, singing and dancing.

Saldang is located approximately one walking week from the next road and all transport is done by mule. Therefore, some students cannot commute to the school. To support them a small hostel is available. The personnel, teachers, cooks, and household personnel, is paid in full by the foundation. We thereby support the local economy in addition to the offered schooling for children.

We want to strengthen the self-confidence of the students before they have to go to Kathmandu or any other city to continue school after class 6. Once the students visit a school in Kathmandu they have to live in a common hostel and have to pay a school fee. The success rate of children to pass the exam in Higher Secondary School is much higher on private schools (around 80%) compared to governmental schools (around 18%). This is one of the main reason why we are supporting this type of schools. The main objectives of the winter school project are:

  • Repetition and deepening of the teaching material
  • Learning and deepening of Tibetian language and culture
  • Preparation for a successful exam after class 6 to get the permission to visit the Secondary School and later on Higher Secondary School in Kathmandu

The project is conducted in cooperation with the Dolpo Tulku Charitable Foundation, headed by Rinpoche Dolpo Tulku. In future, he aims at leveraging the concept of winter school to the entire Dolpo region.